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Articles - January 22nd, 2015

Drop Sprites or Icon Fonts and Just Use SVG

Early last year I completely dropped spriting in Compass for icon fonts, but about a month after using icon fonts I discovered how much better and convenient SVGs can be. Now I use them exclusively and enthusiastically. This is just a brief rundown of how I utilize SVG into my workflow using Grunt and grunt-svgstore to build SVG sprites.

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Articles - January 17th, 2015

Automatic Deployments with Git Hooks

This article will cover how to set up automatic deployments using Git’s post-receive hook. Once configured you will be able to push changes to a live server and run tasks needed to deploy your site/app automatically.

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Notes - January 17th, 2015

Updating Packages on Ubuntu

Just reminding myself how to update my Ubuntu server after logging in through SSH and seeing the familiar message: “30 packages can be updated. 24 updates are security updates.” Pretty simple to do but I always end up googling it.

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