J Scott Smith

Updating Packages on Ubuntu

Notes - January 17th, 2015

Just a reminder to myself on how to update my web server after logging in through SSH. Most likely you’ve seen a similar message:

30 packages can be updated.
24 updates are security updates.

Updating through the command line will take a few steps:

  • First, fetch the list of available updates avilable by running the following: sudo apt-get update.
  • Next, fetch new versions of packages: sudo apt-get upgrade.
  • Lastly you can run the sudo apt-get dist-upgradewhich will intelligently install dependencies of new packages.

If you’re also seeing:

*** System restart required ***

Restart your server with sudo reboot. Your SSH session will be terminated and you’ll have to login again.

Here’s some more information I found about it on the webz.


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